Being interested in my partner!

So here’s what I have learned from watching great improvisers playing- it’s not all about them.

in fact what makes their impro personal, real, flowing, funny and touching, is the amount of car and focus they give to their partners and their characters.

the audience might enjoy seeing us fighting, but I can promise you he will care for us more if we actually like each other.

the show maybe amazing with this cool, extraordinary character you just found. but it will be more enjoyable and can go far if you’ll help us know what’s up with your partner as well.

so how much do we really see our partners when we are up there?

what gifts are we giving them by asking their characters questions like: “how are you since the divorce?” or “looking good, is that a new hair cut? “(Tim Orr Bats)

how much focus do we give them when they have a monologue that can truly affect us and them?

unless you’re having a one woman show, impro is never all about you. be it failures or success, it’s always a team work. and that means that a lot of our focus should go towards our partners and their characters, to see who they are and then understand what they need.

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