What you see of Inbal on stage is what you get from her as a leadership coach and trainer. She is as lucid, present, connected, straight and challenging in a one-on-one coaching or in a training session as she is in a performance. She intuitively identifies your weak spots as quick as she sees you acting, and gives you support, challenge and thrill to improve. She worked with me on developing my own playfulness, connectivity and character work and I truly made a jump in all of this. Individual leaders, management teams and organisations in general would intensely profit from her expertise, her down-to-earth and result-driven attitude to turn them into more resilient, playful, agile, innovative and responsive to today’s managerial challenges. Working with her is a triggering experience, unfolding your bliss for long.

Dr. Ralf Wetzel, Professor for Management & Organization, Vlerick Business School, Brussels, Belgium

We had Inbal over for a session to simulate situations to help us design our product user experience. She understood our needs and the product “persona” immediately and through her playful imagination we simulated different scenes that are highly relevant for the interaction between our future users and our product. While it was total fun to work with Inbal, she was very focused and helpful to deliver the value we needed from this joint work. Highly recommend to use this technique if you are trying to explore and experience different situations between users and your product.

Roy Amir, VP Product Management, Co-founder, Intuition Robotics

We don’t know how Inbal and her crew knew so much about us and our lives in the company, but this show was one of the funniest things ever!!! People laughed so hard and talked about it for weeks after. Every company should have Inbal and her funny intelligent spirit as a coach and a performer!

Keren Matalom, Head of department for learning and organizational development, Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd

Greenkat Productions is an International film production company with offices in Vienna and New York City. In our every day work we collaborate with different countries, navigate between international projects and have to adjust to the working habits of diverse cultures. For this reason we felt we wanted to give our team skills that would make the process easier and more flexible.

We had the wonderful opportunity to have an intensive one day workshop by Miss Inbal Lori. Her workshop was custom built and adjusted to our needs to facilitate and enable rethinking of our work processes, build our communication and bring us closer together as a team. We found the improvisation tools very effective and enriching. Her charming personality and professional skills made the workshop an event we would highly recommend for any team that needs a new way of thinking and a boost of creative energy.

Katharina Rohrer, Owner, Greenkat Productions

I invited Inbal to give a workshop in a student’s summer school for scientists: molecular biologists and mathematicians from  India, Asia, USA and across Europe who had never met before. It was a terrific success! Over our time together we explored different ways of listening and responding to each other through very easy, interactive  games. The participants were hooked- many of them now want to start an improv class in their own home universities, and the effect on the summer school over the following week was electricThe conclusion of this scientific experiment: Incubate Inbal + 20 scientists for 1 day workshop: result: things you would never have thought possible!

Prof. Leonie Ringrose, Quantitative Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell, IRI for Life Sciences / Institute for Biology

Inbal Lori worked with us over many seasons, on various projects in the theater and comedy field. Her last project was a satirical show called “the Cabinet” that ran for 2 seasons with co-creator Eli Haviv. The show was a collage  of  stand up and improvisational theater  based on current national affairs. Her talent and sharp perception played a major part in the creation of a show that was both smart and  funny, and reflected her innovative-creative perspective of the Israeli reality.

Daniella Satran Reifen, Head of Cultural and Creative Programs, Beit Avichai

I want to thank you for the great workshop! Our team of performers and backoffice staff had a wonderful experience with you. You have showed us efficient, joyful methods of communication between each other and our customers and everyone was super inspired. The workshop stretched our limits, emotionally and mentally, like a good brain massage, while laughing and having a good time! Hope to see you again for another seminar!

Eran Shadar, C.E.O., Tarbush Tours

The Stage-Center is a laboratory for artists of different professions, who seek practical creative exploration and wish to expand, refresh, deepen and enrich their professional skills. The organization provides professional dancers, actors, directors, scriptwriters and performers, with a creative environment outside the mainstream institutions with the freedom to investigate, experience, and create new modes of artistic expression. We had the pleasure of working with Inbal as a conductor of improvisation workshops for professional artists, between the years 2012-2015. Inbal, is a gifted teacher. She has the rare combination of talent and pedagogic skills. Her technique is valuable for everyone, artists as well as all other occupations. People that wish to develop their imagination and their abilities.

Rivi Feldmesser Yaron, Founder and Artistic director, Stage center. Tel Aviv, Israel

Inbal and her partner have performed in our annual bank event. The show was great! – funny and intelligent! The audience was very cooperative and everybody had a great time. The communication with Inbal during the process was professional and reliable. Highly recommended!

Malka Yefet, Head of internet customer service department , BANK HAPOALIM